Hayley and Craig highlight Ectopic Pregnancy at their Wedding

16 Nov 2019 | By Jill

Hayley's Story

When I discovered I had fallen pregnant, the happiness was short lived as I was referred to hospital the same night. For many weeks I had been poorly but ignored it. You see, I had no idea what an ectopic pregnancy was or just how dangerous it could be and I had absolutely no idea what the symptoms were for an ectopic. The doctor did her best to explain what it was but it was so difficult to comprehend. Within hours a scan confirmed the sad news that our pregnancy could not carry on and due to how poorly I was and due to  my symptoms, surgery was my only choice. Within 3 hours of the scan I was being operated on.. When I woke I was told my pregnancy had started to rupture and I had blood in my tummy. The consultant then went on to tell me they had to remove one of my Fallopian tubes as they had no choice. I truly hope by helping raise awareness of ectopic pregnancies in this small way of including it in our wedding it helps someone. To know the signs and not to ignore them. In memory of our angel baby. So many questions left unanswered but you will not be forgotten. Eighteen months on I am still learning to live with this sadness but with the love and support of our friends and family we are moving forward. The butterfly on my bouquet was a gift from my mother in law. A beautiful memory of what could have been. If you feel you would like to highlight the symptoms and emotions of an ectopic pregnancy we have some downloadable posters it would be great if you took them to your local GP, Pharmacy or EPU. Also please remember we have help and support via our Forums/ Thank you to Hayley and Craig for raising awareness of ectopics at their recent wedding and sharing their emotional story.

If you are inspired by Hayley and Craig’s lovely fundraiser and would like to raise funds and awareness for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, please visit our fundraising page

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