Kiltwalk Series 2023

25 Sep 2023 | By Jill

Kiltwalk Series - Glasgow

Yvonne and Kevin and their best friends Tracey and Kevin entered the Glasgow Kiltwalk and had a great time taking part on Sunday 30th April.

Yvonne Story:

On the 2nd December 2022 after a week of back and forth to the hospital I found out I had a live ruptured ectopic pregnancy and had to have surgery to remove the pregnancy and my left tube. It all happened in a blur and we hadn’t really heard too much about ectopic pregnancies before, so it just felt really scary.

But it wasn’t until my husband and I got home that the enormity of the situation hit us. We came across the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust website through a Google search. The information and the comments board just really helped us get through our ordeal. It was good knowing that there were people out there that knew what we were going through and were happy to reply to our questions. It was just a real comfort and through the website we learned a lot more about Ectopic Pregnancy which really helped.

Because we didn’t know much about Ectopic Pregnancy and it’s dangers we decided we wanted to raise awareness and highlight that there is help out there if you need it. So myself and my husband arranged to do the Glasgow Kilt Walk  on the 30th April with our two best friends Tracey and Kevin in memory of the child we lost. It was a great day and  between the four of us we managed to raise £1555.


Kiltwalk Series 2023 - Aberdeen

Amy and Dario took part in the Aberdeen Kiltwalk and had a great and sunny day on Sunday 4th June.

Amy and Dario’s Story:

We decided to do the walk to raise funds for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust as we went through an ectopic pregnancy February this year. I had booked in for an early reassurance scan as I was having some bleeding and I was told to get to the hospital asap as they suspected an ectopic. It took a few days & lots of scans for it to finally be confirmed ectopic, our baby had died in my left tube and I was receiving “expectant management” treatment, I was very lucky to not need any surgery or the methotrexate injection. After being discharged from hospital I had a lot of unanswered questions and your website was great for helping me to get those answers.

Our Kiltwalk was very good, weather was great and the atmosphere was fab. I did get teary every now & again as I had to remember what we went through at the start of the year, I kept thinking I should be giving birth in 3 months, not having to walk 18 miles for charity! But it was an experience I wont forget and I am happy we did it and raised just over £400 for this amazing charity that helps couples like us everyday!

Kiltwalk Series 2023 - Edinburgh

Kay took part in the Edinburgh Kiltwalk sadly it was a rainy affair on Sunday 17th September.

Kay’s Story:

That was the toughest challenge I’ve ever done and in the rain!! We went through so many emotions and are legs etc are sore today!

I did this as I suffered an ectopic pregnancy when I was 30, I had never even heard of this and my doctor said he had only known of two people in our area to have one during his career as a doctor in 30 years! As a result of my ectopic pregnancy I was then unable to have children naturally and I did try IVF but unfortunately that too was unsuccessful…. I am forever grateful for the support I received and still amazed at the amount of people who still don’t know what an ectopic pregnancy is, I want to raise as much awareness as I can.

Thank you so much to all our wonderful fundraisers who have taken part in the Kiltwalk series, raising crucial funds and awareness.   If you feel inspired and want to raise funds and awareness for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, please visit our fundraising page. You can also email our fundraising co-ordinator who will be very happy to help and guide you

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