Vix and her Amazingly Brave Head Shave

31 Mar 2021 | By Jill

Vix's Story

My name is Vix and I’m a photographer from Mid Wales. I have suffered 2 ectopic pregnancies which both got diagnosed on the same day 2 years apart. I had my first ectopic in February 2019. This really affected me and my mental health. I ended up having my right tube removed and I went on a spiral of self-destruction after this, which led to me leaving a job I loved and was good at to go to a job in which I was bullied and really pushed me into a depressive state. When the first lockdown happened in March 2020 I started working from home in which I thought this would help me gain back control, unfortunately the bullying carried on and I ended up leaving my job and setting up my own photography business. I really found that this was a great therapy for myself and I focus my work on empowering women, capturing their pregnancies and their breastfeeding milestones and family growth. In February 2021, I was diagnosed with my second ectopic pregnancy. This took a lot of pushing from my side to the GP’s as I honestly think they thought it was in my head because it was the exact same timeline and symptoms as previously. Luckily as I know my body, I knew something wasn’t right so I pushed and pushed which led to be being referred to the EPAS (Early Pregnancy Assessment Service) ward at my local hospital. I went and had my scan alone and they found internal bleeding, in which I was then sent to a larger hospital around 90 minutes from my home in which I was treated with methotrexate. Not having my husband there for support but also for him not knowing what was happening to me and being said was also really difficult. It was harder to connect with medical professionals due to masks and PPE. It was like there was a barrier between you and them. Even though I still have my left Fallopian tube, I have opted not to try for any more children because of the trauma from both of my experiences and want to ensure my own safety for my daughter, Freya who needs her mum more than I need a second child. I have decided to focus on building awareness and funds for the ectopic trust so they can help more women like myself. On Monday 22nd March 2021 I braved the shave and raised £2180 for the Trust. I am so proud of this and will continue to raise much needed funds for such a fantastic cause. I am currently in the process of gaining my masters in photography which I am focusing my project on fertility loss and ectopic pregnancy and I am making a short film about my journey with a film maker friend, Gwyn Cole at Still River Films and cannot wait to share this with you.

If you feel inspired by Vix’s fundraising experience, please do take a look at ways to get involved or email our Fundraising Co-ordinator who will be very happy to help

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