5k Tulip Trundle

About the Tulip Trundle mini challenge

We would love for you to join us virtually on our 5k Tulip Trundle virtual Spring challenge to raise awareness walking, running, jogging, or cycling, anytime between 25 March – 1 April 2024. If you have mobility needs, you are welcome to use any aids that you require.

You can run in your preferred location, whether inside or out, on a treadmill, track, pavement, garden, or in the park. It is your choice and at your pace. You are welcome to take part as an individual, team or couple. Please note that to receive a medal each participant will need to register separately.

When you have completed your EPT 5k Mini Challenge, we will send you a commemorative EPT medal.

To enter: Visit the EPT’s online shop  and select Mini Challenge, paying the £10 entry fee. On checkout, please provide your email address. You will receive a welcome email in the days leading up to the start of the challenge.

Raising awareness

We have a range of downloadable graphics that you are welcome to share to your social media.

Wearing an EPT branded t-shirt along your chosen route can raise vital awareness, or pick up a special EPT fitness box. These can be purchased from our online shop.

Please tag us your photos on social media, the links are below. If you would like your photo’s sharing you are welcome to email them to kerri@ectopic.org.uk and we can share them to our stories on our behalf.

Facebook (@ectopicpregnancytrust)

Instagram (@ectopicpregnancy) 

Twitter (handle is @TheEPT) 

TikTok @ectopicpregnancy)


Don’t forget to use the hashtags #EPTMiniChallenge and #EPTTulipTrundle.

While we do not expect that you fundraise, for previous challenges, people have set up fundraising pages for their 5k. This is entirely optional and, if you do wish to fundraise additionally, we have a campaign page on JustGiving that you are welcome to join.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for signing up to our Tulip Trundle. We are extremely grateful for your support which will enable us to continue to help anyone who goes through the devastating ordeal of ectopic pregnancy.

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