Raising awareness of ectopic pregnancy online

19 Apr 2022 | By Kerri

It is vital that we continue to raise awareness of ectopic pregnancy, so you’ll find we’ve long been posting on social media stalwarts Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Whether we are highlighting symptoms, sharing personal stories, or cheerleading fundraisers, our aim is to spread the message far and wide.  

To ensure we reach the younger demographic and grow our audience, we have launched an account on TikTok. Average monthly hours spent on this platform continues to gather pace, plus video is a great medium for connecting with those in need on a personal level. Do help us share The EPT’s resources by following our TikTok account if you are signed up.  

We are also making a concerted effort to bolster the charity’s presence on professional networking site LinkedIn. We want to break down the stigma of discussing pregnancy loss at work, ensuring those impacted by ectopic pregnancy have the tools they need to feel supported both professionally and in their personal lives. Help us to continue the conversation by following our account 

Whatever your social media platform of choice, we are extremely grateful for interaction with our posts, photos, and stories. Sharing our content is a simple but highly effective way of supporting the charity’s work and ensuring more people find help should they need it.  

Some find much needed comfort and catharsis in bravely sharing their own ectopic pregnancy journeys online. The charity welcomes being tagged in such posts, in the hopes of shining a light on this traumatic condition.  

If you are kindly raising money for The EPT, we are delighted to show our appreciation by sharing your fundraising links and journey with our followers. Tag us or send a private message and we will do all we can to boost your exposure. Check out our top tips for fundraising via social media here 

Our mission is to offer information, education, and support to those affected by ectopic pregnancy and we will continue to use social media to deliver our crucial messages however we can. See you online!  

A reminder of our accounts: 

Facebook (@ectopicpregnancytrust

Instagram (@ectopicpregnancy) 

Twitter (handle is @TheEPT) 

TikTok @ectopicpregnancy)


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