The EPT’s impact during Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021

25 Oct 2021 | By Kerri

The theme for this year’s Baby Loss Awareness Week was Wellbeing and we explored what this meant for different people from all walks of life who have been affected by ectopic pregnancy. You are welcome to catch up on the week’s activities on our Baby Loss Awareness Week page 

The Week enabled the charity to highlight ectopic pregnancy loss. This is only possible with the help of our volunteers, fundraisers, and supporters, many of whom shared thoughts and experiences throughout the week. Whether through comments on social media, using their own platforms, traditional media, or our website, every voice has an important role to play. Here we share the impact that you have all made possible. 

We helped to organise the Week...

The EPT is a proud member of the Working Group for the Baby Loss Awareness Week Alliance. We helped to focus the theme and organise the week alongside the other working members (Sands, The Miscarriage Association, Bliss, Tommy’s and The Lullaby Trust in consultation with the wider Alliance members 

We talked about ectopic pregnancy loss...

We joined two of the online panel discussions hosted by Natwest Group and Sands. On Monday, Joanne (a member of the EPT’s support team) participated in the conversation exploring wellbeing for healthcare professionals. Watch her insightful comments here. On Wednesday, the panel discussion about wellbeing for partners was hosted by EPT Director Munira and joined by Kerri (social media coordinator) and you can watch their contributions here 

EPT Director, Munira, took part in a talk for Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust. This was a valuable opportunity to speak to healthcare professionals direct about the signs of ectopic pregnancy and emotional toll it takes. Being able to refer to lived-experiences from the people that we support here at The EPT meant that the healthcare professionals were able to see the perspectives of the patients they see every day and help them to provide excellent levels of care. 

Munira also participated in roundtable event on ‘Making Workplaces Better’ hosted by Angela Crawley MP. This was an important conversation about how the work environment and colleagues can support someone after early pregnancy loss.  

Ectopic pregnancy was mentioned in newspapers and media throughout the week with EPT Press Officer, Natalie, sharing her own experience with BBC Radio Nottingham. You can listen her piece in the video below.  

EPT fundraiser, Emma, bravely shared her own story with Devon Live and London Marathon 2021 team member, Allistair and his partner Grace, shared their experience with West Sussex County Times 

You shared your Words of Wellbeing...

We invited you to share your stories and experiences of ectopic pregnancy and reach out to others to do the same. 

We aimed for communication to be in the form of something that could help with our own wellbeing as well as helping others – writing letters. We asked people to write personal accounts and share words of comfort and received many thoughtful contributions. 

Having had the focus over BLAW 2021, wellbeing should be a priority year-round. After feedback from those who shared with us their personal and heart-felt letters, we invite you to continue to share your Words of Wellbeing.  

Thank you to everyone that submitted such beautiful and heart-felt letters throughout the week, these can be viewed in Personal Stories. 

We took a Walk of Remembrance together...

Our second Walk of Remembrance saw over 100 people come together virtually to honour their own experiences and that of others.  If you took part, we hope that the walk offered some time out from the emotions of the Week and allowed space to process your thoughts.  

Find out more about taking part in one of our fundraising events or create your own unique fundraiser on our website. 

We supported each other in remembrance...

Thanks to our followers and supporters on social media, we were able to reach just below half a million people with our posts. Many of you engaged and shared your own experiences within the comments and tagged us in posts and stories.  

The poignant Wave of Light post was seen by over 115,000 people and we were honoured that so many chose to share their candles and tributes with us to end what was a very powerful yet emotional week.  

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who made Baby Loss Awareness Week an opportunity to create change – from the many organisations and their supporters to the team at The EPT who work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that those affected by ectopic pregnancy are seen and their voices heard.  

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