Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021

The week also presents the chance for people to talk openly about the subject of and raise awareness of baby loss and pregnancy loss.

This year the theme is Wellbeing and we will be exploring what this means to people from all walks of life who have been affected by pregnancy and baby loss.

Baby Loss Awareness Week is always an emotional week. It can stir those feelings you thought you had dealt with but it also acts as a reminder to me of how resilient we are as one. No one wants to be a part of this club, but here we all are, using our experiences of heartache to empower one another and to offer a glimmer of hope to those who so desperately need it.
- Kerri

How to get involved

Baby Loss Awareness Week Daily Topics

Saturday 9 October 

Introduction to the week and the theme of wellbeing.

Read Emma’s experience of how journaling has helped her wellbeing.

Read Lucy’s experience of how gardening has helped her wellbeing.

Sunday 10 October

Looking after yourself.

Read Fia’s experience and watch her talk about her approach to her wellbeing.

Read Chrissie’s Letter from her future self.

Letters from our Words of Wellbeing campaign:

Claire’s Letter, Nicola’s Letter, Hayley’s Letter, Tara’s Letter

Monday 11 October

Looking after those who provide care and support and those on the frontline.

James shares his experience as a healthcare professional and going through ectopic pregnancy loss.

Katharine’s experience as an Early Pregnancy Specialist Nurse

Letters from our Words of Wellbeing campaign:

Hayley’s Letter to a Nurse, Helen’s Letter to her fertility Nurse, Nicole’s Letter to a Nurse

Tuesday 12 October

Looking after siblings (children and adults)

Sisters Jill and Helen’s Letters to each other, Kerri’s Letter to her daughter, Helen’s letter to her daughter

Wednesday 13 October

Looking after partners

Visit our Partners page

Read Chris’s poem

Letters from our Words of Wellbeing campaign:

A’s Letter, Hayley’s Letter

Thursday 14 October 

Looking after each other as a community (including the workplace)

Read our conversation with A Woman’s Journey and Jemma about creating conversations about ectopic pregnancy across communities.

Letters from our Words of Wellbeing campaign:

Sarah’s Letter, Natalie’s Letter, Danajoti’s Letter

Friday 15 October

Remembering your baby and the Wave of Light

Letters from our Words of Wellbeing campaign:

Mary’s Letter, Emma’s Letter, Ruth’s Letter

Dedicate a virtual tulip to commemorate your pregnancy

You can choose a virtual tulip to “plant” in the EPT’s Treasured Tulips gardens on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can see and visit your Tulip wherever and whenever you wish and can dedicate a Tulip for yourself or for someone else.

We are here to help

Sharing and reading experiences of pregnancy loss can be overwhelming.

It is important to remember that taking time away from social media to practice self-care can be beneficial. Switching off from content that may be difficult can allow you the space to explore your own feelings. Whether you choose to unplug entirely or prefer to mute certain accounts/feeds, we have some tips to help you in our guide to unplugging 

One of our volunteers, Kirstie, guides you through some simple breathing techniques to help if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Our support services are here to offer you a safe space to express yourself or explore your emotions. These are available to anyone who has experienced an ectopic pregnancy as well as partners and wider family members and friends. 

Get help