The London Marathon 2021

20 Sep 2021 | By Kerri

On Sunday 3 October, our EPT London Marathon team will be taking to the streets of London, some of whom have been waiting for two years to cross that start line. Simultaneously, our virtual team will be taking on the 26.2 mile distance in their local areas, raising awareness across the UK and Ireland in their EPT tops! We are extremely grateful to our team, who have faced date changes, cancellations and uncertainty yet have persevered and will be flying the EPT flag with pride. Here, we would like to introduce you to our magnificent team.

Please be advised some images include older children.



This will be my second time taking on The London Marathon in support of my best friend who experienced an ectopic pregnancy. Training has been different this time around but it’s gone well and I feel confident that I can run well and do the EPT proud again. 
You can read more about Conor’s fundraising and training on his fundraising page.


I’m Amanda but known as Mandi to everyone. When I was 21 (2005), I experienced the heartbreak that is an ectopic pregnancy. I was unaware what that even meant, I was living in another country where I didn’t speak much of the language and had no idea I was pregnant. I collapsed at work and had to have a short stay in ICU due to being very poorly, I lost my tube and ovary and need a blood transfusion. I am hoping I can raise awareness and help someone else to realise and seek help earlier than I did. The EPT were an amazing support and helped explain things I couldn’t understand from my medical team. I made some life long friends via the support group who encouraged me to take part in The London Marathon. This will be my 10th ballot but my very first successful entry. I was due to run in 2020 but due to lockdown it’s been delayed till this year. I shall be running dressed as a unicorn. Unfortunately I suffered a stress fracture in foot in June so I’ll be partying at the back so keep an eye open for a purple unicorn dancing across the finish line!

Find our more about Mandi’s unicorn run for The EPT on her fundraising page



My name is Ciara. I’m 27 and I’ve always loved running with my ultimate goal being to complete The London Marathon. This however, is not just an incredible experience for me but an opportunity to run for an amazing charity and raise awareness of ectopic pregnancies. A condition not many people will be aware of unless they have or they know of someone that has experienced it. 

I have watched my best friend and sister go through five ectopic pregnancies in her life, so this is something that is very close to my heart and I believe raising awareness is of paramount importance.  

Training has definitely been challenging with lots of aches and pains including shin splints but this time round I’ve found a training regime that works for me. I’ve incorporated lot of training on my peloton bike, stretching, strength classes, regular sports massages and of course building my mileage up slowly. I’m both terrified and excited for the event but I’m incredibly fortunate to have an amazing network of friends and family there to cheer me on throughout the day. 

Find out more about Ciara’s London Marathon dream over on her fundraising page.


The London Marathon has always been a goal of mine, ever since we used to watch my Dad year after year participating in it.  Following the birth of my two sons after a horrible ectopic pregnancy leading to IVF, I wanted to not only achieve my goal but also to support a charity important to me.  The original aim was to do the 40th marathon on my 40th birthday, however Covid-19 delays mean I now get to do the marathon on my actual birthday so an even better reason to run well!  The training has been a bit hit and miss I can’t lie!  However the ultimate end goal remains even if I have to crawl over the line I will do it! 

Find out more about Rachael’s birthday Marathon run on her fundraising page.


Hi! My name is Vicki, I live in south-east London and my day job is to carry out research on employment and education policy.

I’m both excited and terrified to be running The London Marathon for the first time on 3 October. I’ve always enjoyed sport, and got into running when I moved back to the UK (from France) about ten years ago. I’ve always watched and loved the London marathon, and volunteered at it a couple of times, but never thought I’d do it myself. It’s a huge privilege to be running it, and I just hope that it all goes well on the day!

I’ve trained hard for it over the past months, running at least 4 times a week before work or at weekends, and mixing with cycling, yoga and swimming to try to avoid more injuries. Over the training, I’ve had my fair share of injuries including shin splints, pes anserinus in one knee, patella displacement in the other knee, hamstring problems, two broken ribs (not linked to the running but didn’t help while they healed!) and finally a pelvic injury. Despite all the ups and downs – and very changeable weather this year and dark mornings – I’ve loved it (most days!) and really enjoyed the London Big Half marathon I did in August.

I’m very proud and motivated to be running for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. I had three ectopic pregnancies myself, and know the physical and emotional trauma and life-changing effects they cause. The work that the charity does is so important, and I’m honoured to be running for it.

I am genuinely overwhelmed by the support I’ve received from family, friends and colleagues from all over the world, and it’s really helped getting me out of bed and into my running shoes on those darker days – they will all play their part in getting me towards the finish line! I cannot thank them all enough.

Find out more about Vicki’s journey to the London Marathon on her fundraising page.


Hi my name is Alli, I’m running the London Marathon to raise funds and awareness for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. This is a cause close to mine and my fiancé Grace’s hearts. After a previous miscarriage, Grace was diagnosed with an Ectopic Pregnancy earlier this year. It was only diagnosed thanks to Grace’s persistence because she felt something ‘wasn’t right’. We feel it is important to raise awareness in the hope that it will help others who have to face this challenge. 

As for me, I’m a 32 year old HGV Driver. I enjoy keeping active, by playing football and running mostly. I have run Paris and Budapest marathons before so I know how much of a challenge is ahead of me! London Marathon is definitely on my Bucket List so can’t wait to get to the start line. 

We have raised a good amount of money so far and any more donations will be massively appreciated. Thank you for keeping me motivated! 

Find out more about Alli ticking off a bucket list London Marathon over on his fundraising page.




The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust has been a big part of our lives for the last nearly 6 years ever since my wife had a cornual ectopic pregnancy in December 2015. We had many questions about what had just happened, the shock of it left us both feeling a little lost, and the charity provided solid, medically backed answers and advice as well as support which was vital in Kerri’s journey especially. We had no idea about the impact it could have both physically and mentally, The EPT helped to prepare us and were a safety net for when it happened. 

Since then I have watched her fundraise and volunteer for the charity and when The London Marathon event went virtual last year due to the pandemic it became my turn to say thank you, and I am here again this year ready to pound the pavements in Wexford raising awareness as I go! 

Training has been tough this year, I have faced a few setbacks with illness, but I am determined to complete my 26.2 miles and who knows, next year I may complete my London Marathon hat-trick on the iconic route itself! 

Find out more about George’s journey to his second virtual marathon on his fundraising page.


I have had an interest in running for a number of years and have taken part in a few marathons in the past but unfortunately with Covid-19 these have been put on hold for quite a while now.

A friend of mine, George, and his wife Kerri were affected by an ectopic pregnancy a few years ago and have since been involved in fundraising for the EPT. Last year George took on the virtual VLM and I joined him for the last few miles of his journey. I was impressed (I thought he was mad actually!!) that he did so with only a month’s training under his belt and no previous running experience.

So when he asked me if I would be interested in a place for the 2021 virtual VLM to raise funds for the EPT I was only too happy to accept.

Training is going well and although I haven’t done as much mid-week training as I would have liked I managed to get a few decent long runs in at the weekends so hopefully I should be ok for the 26.2miles. With only a few weeks left to go we are at the wind down stage so It gets easier from here onwards. It’s all about the pace on the day so I just plan on starting out easy and see how it’s going as the miles clock up.

Roll on the 3rd October.

You can stay updated on Davy’s virtual marathon training on his fundraising page.


Over the last 18 months, we have suffered two pregnancy losses – the first a miscarriage in March 2020. 

The second was over March/April 2021.  At first, we were told it was another miscarriage but after many trips to the hospital for scans and tests, it ended up being an ectopic pregnancy which had ruptured, was bleeding, and meant my wife Simone had emergency surgery.  

Simone took part in the 80 Miles in 1 Month in August and I was so proud of her for doing it. Now I would love to make my family proud of me!!  

You can read more about how Dominic is making his family and the EPT team proud on his fundraising page.


The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust has been a pig part of my life for the past 5 years since having an ectopic pregnancy myself. The trust offered me so much support in a time I needed it the most that I decided I needed to give back. 

Over the past 5 years I’ve hosted tea parties, climbed roller coasters and even reached the peak of Ben Nevis all in effort to fundraise and now I’m about to take part in the virtual London marathon. 

I never expected to be able to push myself quite this far but after completing the Manchester half marathon 2 years ago it gave me the motivation to push that little further to complete the 26.2 miles. This will be a huge achievement for me and in doing so I can raise funds for an incredible organisation. 

Find out more about Danielle’s incredible journey to raise awareness of ectopic pregnancy and funds for The EPT over on her fundraising page. 


The BBC’s coverage of the Virgin Money London Marathon is multi-platform, with the action broadcasted live on TV, radio, the BBC Sport website, social media and via the Red Button service – so you will be able to keep up-to-date with the latest action throughout the day.

Preliminary broadcast times on Sunday 3 October are 08:00 to 10:00 on BBC2, then 10:00 to 14:30 on BBC1 and then Red Button/iPlayer from 14:30 to 16:00, with highlights on BBC2 from 18:00 to 19:00.

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