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About gamEPlaysupporT

-Play with Purpose: Whether you are a hardcore gamer or a casual player, every minute you spend gaming can support The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.

-Raise Funds:  Set up your fundraising page.

-Spread the Word: Share your gaming journey on social media using #gamEPlaysupporT and inspire others to join the cause. Please tag us in your photos on social media, the links are below.  If you would like your photos to be shared on our social media platforms, you are welcome to email them to

Facebook (@ectopicpregnancytrust)

Instagram (@ectopicpregnancy)

X/formerly Twitter (handle is @TheEPT)

TikTok (@ectopicpregnancy)



Why Game with us? 

-Support our shared cause: Your gaming skills can help us to continue the work that we do. Funds raised could go towards our newest tech project – a much-needed update to our online forum.

-Connect with community: Chat about your progress and grow your audience.

-Journey to recovery: Gaming may help your mental well-being, providing an escape and taking part in a hobby that you enjoy and get pleasure from.

How to sign up 

Just drop our Fundraising Coordinator an email at and let us know a few details about your gaming ideas.

-Set up your donations page using this link. Share this link among your audience, family, and friends.

-Fill in our Fundraiser Agreement via this link

-Request a brightly coloured purple t-shirt to wear whilst live streaming. Please email Jill with your preferred size, S, M, L or XL.

-Spread the word using the hashtags: #gamEPlaysupporT #EPTgaming and #TwitchCommunity

-Join our Facebook community. Our closed Facebook gaming group is a dedicated space to share tips, progress and connect!

Setting up your live stream

Choosing your preferred platform, we have a few handy links to help you get started on your charity gaming experience:

-Facebook: You can choose to stream via a Facebook Live or using Facebook’s Gaming Creator portal.

-Instagram: Instagram offers a live streaming option using both Android and Apple.

-TikTok: Offers a live streaming option for it’s creators. Depending on your region, you must have at least 100 or 1,000 followers to go Live, but you can request an exception by contacting TikTok.

-Discord: Discord offers different options for live streaming your game, you can share your screen or camera.

-Twitch: Twitch offer a step-by-step guide to streaming on their platform.

I felt so raw and alone but The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust were there for us and with their support and information which has hugely helped in our grieving process. I found gaming was the distraction and the escape I needed in those dark days so to be able to do what I love whilst raising funds and awareness for the charity is great.
- Emma

Raising awareness

We have a range of downloadable graphics that you are welcome to share to your social media.

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