Nick Slatter Cycles from London to Windsor

Thank you so much to Nick for taking on this epic challenge and doing this 54 mile bike ride from London to Windsor on 4th September and raising an incredible £1,208.

Below is Nick’s great update post the ride!

  • Ride Status: Complete
  • Ride time: 5 hours
  • Weather: Cloudy but mainly dry with the occasional annoying spit of rain
  • No of selfies taken on the route: 1
  • No of miles added to the route by the organisers at short notice: 3
  • Overtaken by No. of tandem cyclists: 1
  • No of stops: 3
  • Water consumed on route: 1150ml
  • No of McDonald’s consumed post ride: 1
  • Cycling shorts status: Ruined
  • Patella/femur prognosis: on-fire
  • Vastus medialis muscle diagnosis: Pathetic