Alexis reflects on her tubal ectopic pregnancy treated with surgical management.

15 Aug 2022 | By Kerri
Personal Experience

October 19, 2021, on a Tuesday afternoon, I took a pregnancy test with my boyfriend. 

We tested positive and got so excited. After dating for 10 years, we were finally going to surprise our families with a baby! Little did we know, we couldn’t even make it to the surprise before being rushed to the hospital and having emergency surgery, and to top it off, I had a very unexpected tumour (5 inches).   

After being in hospital for three days, I was able to go home. I didn’t really analyse what happened to me until a week later. I came home with a Caesarean section scar and no baby. I know I wasn’t far along, but I was excited. I lost my first pregnancy and I lost my right Fallopian tube.  

I feel really frustrated being in bed and asking God why me? Why did this have to happen to me? 

 I’ve been strong these past days, but I’m tired of being strong now. 

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