Vivian's tubal ectopic pregnancy

24 Jan 2024 | By Kerri

In 2017 I had an ectopic pregnancy, I spent two weeks in and out of hospital getting my blood taken every 48 hours. I had ultrasound scans every two days, every time they scanned nothing could be seen, every time I saw nothing my heart would break.  

On the 12 May 2017 I was rushed to surgery as my left Fallopian tube was rupturing. 

I almost died, it was so scary. 

After waking up from surgery and coming to terms with what happened, that I was no longer pregnant and that they had removed my left Fallopian tube, I felt my old self slowly dull away. My life didn’t feel complete. I felt lost, hurt and like a failure in my head. My body couldn’t do the one job it should have.  

I have been through counselling therapy which helped a little, but it doesn’t take the pain away.  
I felt alone as I knew no one who had experienced an ectopic pregnancy, but organisations like this (The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust) have been incredible. I don’t feel alone anymore. I found strength through the charity and through speaking to other women who have been through the same. My goal in life is to keep SJ’s (I named my baby to help me) memory alive and spread awareness about ectopic pregnancy.  
Together we can help each other. 

Thank you to Vivian for sharing her experience. If you would like to share your experience of ectopic pregnancy, please visit our guide for more information.   

Please remember our support services are available at any time.  

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