Kat discusses Caesarean section scar ectopic pregnancies

30 Jul 2022 | By Munira
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A Caesarean scar ectopic pregnancy implants into the gap in the muscle of the uterus caused by a previous Caesarean section. This type of ectopic pregnancy seems to be increasing, possibly due to the impact of elective Caesarean section delivery which was much less common in the past.

Having a Caesarean section scar ectopic pregnancy can bring about similar emotions to other types of ectopic pregnancies. These can include shock, anger, sadness, and guilt. However, there can also be additional thoughts and feelings that are specific to people who experience Caesarean section scar ectopic pregnancies. For example, sometimes women/couples think and ask if they have “caused” this type of ectopic pregnancy because they had a Caesarean section delivery in their previous pregnancy. However, there is no way of stopping an ectopic pregnancy from happening. Many people have Caesarean section deliveries and do not go on to have an ectopic pregnancy. Also having a Caesarean section delivery is a big decision based on circumstances at the time for a pregnancy – for the woman/pregnant person and their baby. In some cases, a Caesarean section delivery is absolutely necessary and even life-saving.

In some Caesarean section scar pregnancies, the placenta develops so that only part of it is within the scar and these pregnancies may proceed to delivery of a live baby, but with risk of significant bleeding from the woman/pregnant person and hysterectomy. It can be difficult for a woman to decide on treatment and harder still if there is a slight chance that the pregnancy may proceed with very high risks.

As a healthcare professional, my priority is the well-being of the woman or pregnant person who is diagnosed with Caesarean section scar ectopic pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. I am driven to support people through their thinking, discussions, and decision-making. It is not always easy and often can be challenging as each person’s care and treatment is individualised for Caesarean section scar ectopic pregnancy. No two cases are the same. Above all, my focus is on helping the woman/couple through their unique situation as smoothly as possible.

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