Kayleigh's experience of an ectopic pregnancy treated with methotrexate

31 Jul 2021 | By Kerri
Personal Experience.

My experience of ectopic pregnancy was last December. I found out I was pregnant about 6pm on the 3rd and by the next day, during work, I began feeling unwell and by 4pm I had started bleeding.

So, I went to A&E, had blood tests and scans at first and they told me I had lost the baby as during my scan they could not see baby. They wanted me to come back in two days for more bloodwork, which I did, and my hCG levels had risen. However, not doubled as they would have liked.

I had to go back every two days to have my bloodwork checked and again, while they were rising, they were not what the doctors were looking for.

I was told that I had 3 options; 1. Was to wait, which was not what they would advise, 2. Was a methotrexate injection, and 3. surgery.

After talking with the doctor, nurses, and my husband the best option for us was the injection.

So, on the 17th of December, I got my injection. It was so hard, and I cried the whole time, feeling bad as it wasn’t something I would do.

Again, I had to go in every two days for my bloodwork and still my levels were still going up just a little. My husband decided to take us away for the night to try and take our minds off it.

On Christmas morning I got up and opened presents with our daughter. Then I just felt awful cramps and when I went to the toilet there was a lot of blood. We went for our bloodwork the next day and they had finally started going down, the nurses thought the big bleed could have been the methotrexate starting to work.

I had spent every 2 days in hospital up until the 4th of January and I felt lucky that I had amazing nurses looking after me and that the injection worked first time.

I feel so sad all the time when I think of what we went through and as it comes up to a year, I know it’s going to be hard.

Looking to do something positive I started to do 1000miles in the 12 months (the EPT1000 Challenge) in memory of our little baby.

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