Lauren's Letter to her Baby, Daisy

19 Oct 2021 | By Kerri
Personal Experience. A part of The EPT's Words of Wellbeing

Dear our sweet baby Daisy. 
It’s been a little over five years. Five years of heartbreak and joy. Five years of missing you. Five years of wondering who you would have been. Five years of wondering how you would’ve made your mark on the world.  
Five years of wishing that things could have been different.  
It’s true what they say, if love was enough you would have lived forever our sweet girl.  
Your big brother named you last Christmas, we knew in our hearts you were a girl but nothing felt right. Last Christmas we placed our angel wings on our tree and your big brother asked about you. I explained but said we didn’t have a name for you. He picked one on the spot. ‘We should call her Daisy’. 

You have two younger sisters now, our rainbow girls. They are so precious to us along with your big brother. I only wish you could have met them, I’m sure one day you will. 
I’ve found this year harder than usual, I don’t quite know why. Maybe it’s because 5 years just seems like a milestone. The changes we’ve had the last year or so. The challenges.  
Mummy and Daddy have finally booked our wedding, and you will be there. A sweet Daisy charm wrapped around my bouquet. You will be there walking down the aisle with me. You will be thought about, and missed so much.  
You should be here with us. It doesn’t seem fair that you’re not. 💕 
All our love,  

Mummy, Daddy and your siblings xxxx

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