Sinead raises awareness through her nail art

04 Sep 2023 | By Kerri

My ectopic pregnancy was a ruptured left Fallopian tube and was managed by laparotomy (open surgery) rather than keyhole (laparoscopy). I didn’t get very good care at any point unfortunately. Even today, there is still so much work to be done with healthcare professionals to ensure they recognise atypical symptoms of ectopic pregnancy and promptly rule one out. Despite it being four years ago now, I still struggle with the fact that mine was managed by laparotomy – I hate that I’ve been left with such a big scar as a reminder.

Thank you to Sinead for sharing her experience and talent. If you would like to share your experience of ectopic pregnancy, please visit our guide for more information.Please remember oursupport services are available at any time. 

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