Abbie's experience of a tubal ectopic pregnancy treated with surgery

17 Jul 2022 | By Kerri
Personal Experience

I found out I was pregnant with our first baby whilst on the first day of our honeymoon. I was overjoyed but told myself not to get excited yet as anything could happen. Just before we were due to travel back home, I started spotting. Sheer panic came over me as I automatically thought I was miscarrying. As soon as we were back, I phoned to 111 who told me to go to A&E.
I sat for 5 hours in A&E, the early pregnancy unit was closed, and the gynaecologist wouldn’t see me as I ‘wasn’t far enough along’ (5 weeks 5 days). So the nurse, who admitted it wasn’t his speciality, told me not to worry and if it got worse, to go back.  

Three days passed and I was still spotting so I called the EPU myself and they booked me an appointment for a scan for in three days’ time. The scan revealed that I had an ectopic in my right tube, quite close to my ovary. I had blood tests and as my hCG hormones were already quite high, I had to go in for surgery rather than methotrexate, I was told methotrexate wouldn’t work, and thought this would be more traumatic for me, personally. I was booked in for surgery the next morning but could go home in the meantime. That night I made myself sick with worry and was absolutely broken hearted and petrified at the same time.  

They operated to remove my right fallopian tube and said the surgery went well. I am now two weeks post- surgery and my physical recovery is going well. Emotionally, I am finding it extremely difficult with the whole range of emotions, but the bereavement nurse at the hospital and support from the EPT has been amazing. I am so scared about the future but have taken comfort from speaking to others like me and reading other people’s positive stories. I am hoping to do some fundraising for the EPT as well as raise awareness.

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