Mel's twin ovarian ectopic pregnancy experience

26 Jun 2022 | By Kerri

I had a ruptured twin ovarian ectopic some years ago; this was sat on top of an ovary so the ovary was not removed.  

My symptoms started suddenly at around 5 weeks of pregnancy (I didn’t know I was pregnant as had a recent although light period). I was sat in a parent’s evening meeting at the time with sudden abdominal pains and could hardly walk back home, I recall thinking at the time that my monthly ovulation pains were getting worse and I really must get it checked out. This soon settled but a couple of weeks later the pain came suddenly again whilst sat down and I couldn’t get up and walk. I went to bed and had shoulder tip pain but just grumbled that everything was painful now.  

The next day I could get to work, but the pain started within a few minutes of being there with an intense pressure in my bum, I thought I may have really bad trapped wind so tried to go to the toilet and open my bowels. This made it all worse and I had to lie on the floor all clammy and sweaty. Within a few hours I had driven myself to the GP and sat there until I was seen. I then discovered I was pregnant and after already having numerous other miscarriages, I knew the was not like the rest. Even when the pregnancy had ruptured there were still heartbeats present. I was rushed into surgery.  

A very traumatic experience overall and took me years to get over it. 

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