Ectopic Pregnancy Awareness Day: Experiences of trying to conceive after an ectopic pregnancy

01 Aug 2022 | By Kerri

Statistically, the chances of having a future successful pregnancy are very good and 65% of women are healthily pregnant within 18 months of an ectopic pregnancy. Some studies suggest this figure rises to around 85% over two years.

While the decision to try to conceive after an ectopic pregnancy is guided by medical advice and physical recovery, it is also important to recognise the emotional toll that an ectopic pregnancy has on a person or couple. This toll can lead to nerves about trying to conceive or, for some people, the decision not to try again.

Detailed general information about trying to conceive again can be found here on our website. Please remember that online medical information is no substitute for expert medical care from your own healthcare team.

We have dedicated message boards on our forum for people trying to conceive again after an ectopic pregnancy. These are accessed by registering so as to provide a confidential and safe space. Many people use these boards to support one another on continued journeys.

Some supporters of The EPT have shared their own experiences of ectopic pregnancy and journeys after. Thank you ever so much to everyone who has contributed so openly to increase awareness of the range of ectopic pregnancy experiences.

  • After going through an ectopic pregnancy and two surgeries, Lois went on to have two children, but shares how she feels that pregnancy excitement was different for her. Read Lois’s story.
  • After Katie’s ectopic pregnancy, she desperately wanted to try again and found hope on The EPT website before going on to conceive. Read Katie’s story.
  • After going through a heart-breaking three miscarriages, two unsuccessful rounds of IVF, and an ectopic pregnancy, Laura shares her reasons for deciding not to try to conceive and the journey to accepting that decision. Read Laura’s story.
  • Vix suffered two ectopic pregnancies, exactly two years apart. Even though Vix has one remaining Fallopian tube, she has decided not to try to conceive again after the trauma she went through and considerations for her older daughter. Read Vix’s story.

If you would like to share your experience of ectopic pregnancy, please email

Please remember our support services are available at any time.

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