Tara Kelly Shares her Emotional Marathon Journey

Tara shares her emotional journey that led her to apply to running the VLM for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. She also proves the true power of awareness as she was approached at the start by a lady who saw her vest and said she had also sadly had an ectopic. Thank you Tara x

Kerry Slevin’s Fantastic Marathon Experience

Kerry Slevin does brilliantly in this years VLM, here she talks about the emotions she went through on the day and very happily shows off her well deserved medal. Thank you Kerry x

EPT1000 Challenge 2018

We would love you to join us by signing up to the EPT1000 Challenge to raise awareness and funds while improving your well being.

Jennifer and Shuggie Conquer Ben Nevis

Jennifer and Shruggie scale the heights of the highest mountain in the British Isles, Ben Nevis. Raising funds, awareness and completing a fantastic achievement.