Out of sight, out of mind – support the campaign in Westminster

Next week, the Baby Loss Awareness Alliance is launching a campaign entitled Out of sight, out of mind to ask for more psychological support for those who need it following the death of a baby or the ending of a pregnancy. 

Alongside other Baby Loss Awareness Alliance charities, we will be calling on Governments across the UK to take action to ensure that all parents who experience pregnancy and baby loss and need specialist psychological support can access it.

Too often people who experience a psychiatric illness after their loss do not receive the support they need. Join us in making sure that this crucial support is available at the right time and place, free of charge, for everyone who needs it, wherever they live in the UK.

There is expected to be a Government debate on Baby Loss Awareness Week in Parliament on Tuesday 8 October. This is a key opportunity to raise this issue but we only have a few days to create support for this very crucial debate.

Please contact your MP to attend, wear the ribbon pin and create more awareness about the impact of baby and pregnancy loss. We’ve set up a tweet you can send your MP or email them using your own words.