Cara Runs 5k at Crystal Palace Big Fun Run

Cara has completely smashed her fundraising target and done brilliantly in using training for the run as something to focus on after the sadness and shock of her ectopic. We are so grateful and proud of Cara for her support in raising funds and awareness. Please do read Cara’s heartfelt story and why she ran and how the 5k was on the day.

Cara’s Story:

After several years of trying to conceive, and several miscarriages, in January 2019 we thought we had the good news we were waiting for. 

However our delight soon turned to trauma, shock and fear in a very short space of time. On the 30th of January, after feeling unwell for a couple of days thinking I had food poisoning, the most intense pain and nausea swept over me. I rapidly went downhill, not knowing I was in the middle of going through an ectopic pregnancy. 

Unknown to me, my Fallopian tube had ruptured, and I was bleeding internally. I was doubled over in pain, particularly in the shoulder – which I now know is a sign of internal bleeding. I knew things were bad when I began to lose consciousness. Thank goodness my husband called 999 for an ambulance. 

The team in the ambulance were great, looking after me initially, and rushing me to Lewisham Hospital for emergency surgery, where the staff were also amazing. The tube was removed the same night via open abdominal surgery, within hours of the symptoms worsening.  I woke the next morning to find I had a drain in my abdomen, and was told that I had required 2 blood transfusions due to the internal bleeding before and during the surgery. 

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust have been invaluable, and provided excellent support, information and aftercare. I have spoken to several people and just discussing the experience and my thoughts and feelings with someone that has been through the same thing really helps with recovery and going forward. The mental scars last longer than the physical ones, and they are on hand to help anyone going through the same experience with expert support and advice. 

Therefore I just wanted to give something back and raise awareness for the charity as it’s been so great for me. 

The weather thankfully held out on the day of the Big Fun Run and it even turned out nice which was great! 5k doesn’t sound like a long distance, but I’m not a runner, so it was long enough for me! Training in the weeks leading up to it gave me something to focus on.

I was lucky to have support on the day from my husband, family and friends. They cheered me on, and comforted me when I got a bit emotional! I found the process cathartic, like it was part of the healing process. Immediately after surgery the thought of running even a small distance, never mind 5k, seemed impossible, so to get to this point feels like a milestone and a new line in the sand. 

I was humbled by the support and donations I received. I never expected to raise £1700. I thought £300 was a realistic target. I’m very happy to have been able to raise some funds for such an amazing charity. We’ll be forever grateful for everything the EPT did for us. 

She did it!
Support from friends and family

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