Charlie is Supporting us with her amazing Forget Me Not Bath Bomb Range

We are completely in awe and so very grateful of what Charlie has developed and created to support us by donating 50% of sales of her beautiful Forget Me Not bath bomb range. Charlie has spent endless months perfecting this range and all her hard work has certainly paid off as she has created an amazing product from packaging to the information provided within to the product itself. Please read Charlies powerful story and her emotions over the years since her ectopic to her setting up her own business Taronamo Treasures, making bath bombs.

Charlie’s Story:

Back in 2013 I survived an Ectopic Pregnancy.
I went to hospital where my tube ruptured and I was bleeding internally.
I had never heard of an Ectopic or how life threatening it could be.
After surgery I found that the support I so desperately needed wasn’t available. That was until I found the Ectopic Pregnancy support page.

The ladies on the page literally saved my life.
I was in a spiral of depression and had attempted to end it all a few times. I felt so alone but by talking to these ladies I realised I wasn’t on my own. These fantastic women who had all had different kinds of Ectopics made me feel worthwhile again and helped me to understand that it wasn’t my fault it had happened.

Fast forward 7 years and I now have a beautiful boy thanks to IVF and I started my journey to set up my own business Taronamo Treasures making bath bombs.

I spent 7 months perfecting my recipes and getting my cosmetic safety assessment.

From the very beginning I knew I wanted to do something to help raise awareness for pregnancy and baby loss and to give back to the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.

I came up with the idea of making a bath bomb that would represent pregnancy and baby loss.

I liked the idea that I could add contact details for different organisations so that anyone going through or have been through this and were feeling alone or wanting help but unsure where to go would be able to reach out.

The product itself is coloured in amethyst and its filled with pink and blue embeds (this is the colour inside the bath bomb).
It’s scented in baby powder. I wanted to use a subtle smell that would help the recipient relax and unwind.

What’s really good about using this fragrance is that there are no allergens, so it’s suitable for everyone. (please note that these should not be used on children under 3 years of age)

The product range is called Forget Me Not.

The Forget Me Not range

I have bath bombs with the awareness ribbon painted on them.
Unicorn Dust, this is a powdered version of the bath bomb.
Carpet Fresh, this is a home fragrance product which can be used on carpets, upholstery, mattresses or used in water to mop floors.
All of these are scented with the same baby powder fragrance and all of this range of products will have 50% of the money made from the sale donated to the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.

Enjoy a relaxing bath
To check out Charlies range go and visit her Facebook shop

We are extremely thankful to Charlie and if she has inspired you to set yourself a challenge to raise funds and awareness please do get in touch with our fundraising coordinator