Explaining Ectopic Pregnancy – The EPT releases videos to break the silence

Survivors and partners affected by ectopic pregnancy have recorded a series of powerful videos, entitled Explaining Ectopic Pregnancy, to raise awareness of this life-threatening condition. The videos will be revealed consecutively with the first focusing on symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy. Each video will be available to view on The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust’s Facebook page and YouTube channel as well as on the website.

The Explaining Ectopic Pregnancy series gives voice to the many challenges faced by sufferers through personal stories from women and men who have endured the condition in their own words. In these candid videos, survivors speak openly about their experiences of ectopic pregnancy to reach out to others going through the same ordeal. The video suite has different voices from a variety of women and men all reflecting the challenges an ectopic pregnancy brings so that viewers do not feel alone. Many share the same sorts of emotions and the videos reflect that. The videos are inclusive with a range of contributors and specifically include the partner’s perspective as so often men’s experiences, thoughts and feelings are overlooked.

“Ectopic pregnancy is a common condition that is simply not talked about. Many women and couples do not know about ectopic pregnancy until it happens to them and it is an intense and isolating experience.

Voiced by women and men sharing their own journeys, these videos seek to break the silence and reflect common thoughts and feelings so that people feel less alone. They will be an invaluable resource in raising awareness and provide crucial information and support to the thousands of women and their families affected by the condition each year.”

Munira Oza, Director for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust