Gita Hosts a Fabulous EPTea Party in Sweden

Gita is continuing to do a really amazing job in raising ectopic awareness especially highlighting and enabling people to talk about ectopics in Sweden. Gita recently hosted an EPTea Party making everything from scratch and really did produce a very beautiful and tasty looking EPTea party. The afternoon was a great success as you can read below and see what drove Gita to host her EPTea party.

Gita raising awareness

Gita’s Story:

I hosted an EPTtea Party to raise awareness and funds for the EPT because the organisation means a lot to me. Having had 2 ectopic pregnancies myself, I contacted the Trust to become involved with the work they do and I am now an official volunteer. Ever since I had my ectopic pregnancies, spreading information and supporting others who have gone through the same thing has been important to me. I started a blog which has had over 30000 hits and I’ve received many emails where people thank me for highlighting this subject as it is not talked about at all here in Sweden.

Swedish clinics and hospitals do not provide ANY information regarding ectopic pregnancies when you get pregnant or otherwise. Which is a big reason to drive me to share my story and raise awareness. Here is a link to Gita’s English blog (Swedish one is more active but you can read her story via her UK blog)

The afternoon was a big success. We had great discussions and everyone thinks highly of the organisation! A woman from the local newspaper came with one of my friends and would like to do a story on me.

Home baked themed biscuits

Gita used the recipe on the EPT t towel for the sugar cookies above and she has kindly shared her recipe for her chocolate balls as per the above photo.

Chocolate balls:

100g butter (room temperature)

1dl sugar

1tbsp vanilla

3tbsp cocoa powder

3dl oats

2-3tbsp cold coffe

Mix butter and sugar until creamy. Add the rest of the ingredients one by one. Make round balls of desired size. Chill. Melt chocolate to drizzle on top. Add sprinkles if desired

Sharing leaflets and talking about ectopics
An enjoyable and educational afternoon enjoyed by all

Thank you so much to Gita for all her hard work in creating such a great EPTea Party and for her ongoing passion to keep raising awareness and for being amazing in her role as a volunteer.

if you feel inspired by Gita and fancy getting family, friends and work colleagues together to host an EPTea Party do take a look on our website and sign up for your free fundraising pack