How Do I Create a Facebook Fundraiser?

We, at the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, are always incredibly grateful and overwhelmed by the generosity and support of our fundraisers. We have many fundraisers who very kindly support us by choosing to ask family and friends for donations in lieu of birthday presents.

To create a fundraiser for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, please follow the steps on our Facebook fundraiser page  

Keep in mind that you will be asked to provide the following information when creating a fundraiser: 

  • The amount of money you would like to raise. 
  • The date you would like your fundraiser to end
  • A title and description for your fundraiser, eg. ‘My Birthday Fundraiser’ 

The ‘Why are you raising money?’ section is also editable to personalise your fundraiser along with the information already provided by the charity. 

The Trust’s mission is to provide information, education and support to those whose lives are affected by ectopic pregnancy and to the professionals who care for them.

It seeks to:

    * raise awareness of the condition amongst the medical profession and general public;

    * encourage ‘Best Practice’ within the medical profession through their own/other professional body guidelines and to raise awareness of diagnostic tools and treatments available;

    * provide a range of information and support services to both members of the public and health care providers;

    * encourage research and distribute findings.

Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. 

We thank you for all your support which will help us to continue to provide information, education and support to those affected by early pregnancy complications and those who care for them.