Ian and Tina Baxter walk 20k in the “Across the Divide” walk

 Our huge thanks go to the incredible Tina and Ian Baxter who completed a 20k walk “Across the Divide” on 9th May.  Below, in Tina’s words, is a very touching account of the (long) day and the journey that took them to embark on this walk.
“On the day, we got up at 4am to leave our house at 5am, we drove 170 miles to get down to Goodwood.  We started our walk at 9.30am and completed it at around 1.30pm.
Once we checked into our hotel, we took it in turns to take a freezing cold bath (apparently good for athletes) to sooth our muscles!
I had emergency surgery in January for my ectopic pregnancy and still recovering from this, some of the event was very challenging but I was determined to make it to the end.This was so rewarding to help such a wonderful charity, we hope to gather all the sponsorship money this week.I never would have thought I would have an ectopic pregnancy, at the time this was absolutely devastating and also with my twin sister announcing her pregnancy 2 weeks after my surgery, but something so bad that happened to us as now turned into something so positive, its one of the proudest achievements of my life, and to have my husband, my best friend with me, made it more special.
I feel as though the support i’ve received has been amazing, through yourselves and our families.
The main thing my husband and I wanted to achieve from this was to raise money and awareness, and I truly believe we have achieved both of these targets, its surprising how many people have contacted me (friends & colleagues) to say they too, have been through this or know someone who has….

I have been called many things over the last few months, mainly Brave – for sharing my story so openly.”