Jade and Matt climb Scafell Pike

We are so grateful to Jade and Matt who climbed Scafell Pike, at an elevation of 978 metres the highest mountain in England. They picked a glorious day awarding them amazing views at the top. Wishing them also a very happy wedding day when they can re arrange.

Jade and Matt’s Story:

In July 2019 whilst on holiday I suffered an ectopic pregnancy, even though I knew what one was we were still in utter shock. After being discharged from hospital I felt that we were not given any support in terms of what had happened and what our future would look like. I started looking for as much information as I could find on the internet and came across EPT. From faqs to forums, EPT gave me the support I needed and hope for the future. We decided to climb Scafell Pike on our honeymoon and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give back to an amazing charity. Covid-19 may have made it a pre-honeymoon but I’m so glad that we were still able to do the climb when we had originally planned. 

We found the challenge harder than expected and also quite emotional. It felt like a never-ending staircase but with my fiancé Matt’s encouragement reminding me why we were doing it, I got there in the end and it felt incredible. We completed it in 4 1/2 hours.

Top of the world raising awareness
They did it!

We are extremely thankful and proud of Jade and Matt and if they have inspired you to set yourself a challenge to raise funds and awareness please do get in touch with our fundraising coordinator jill@ectopic.org.uk