Jane Back to the Quiet of Devon after an Exhilarating London Marathon Experience

Here, in Jane’s words, is a very poignant recount from another one of our lovely marathon runners from Sunday’s London Marathon.

“Experiencing an ectopic pregnancy is in a way similar to experiencing the London Marathon! You find out your expecting a baby, you find out you’ve secured a place in the Marathon, your excited and expectant.
You start planning the months ahead excitedly, you have a ridged training plan to conquer the 26.2 miles, you don’t feel quite yourself a visit to the G.P. quickly followed by a visit to A&E where everything seems unreal and they explain briefly what has happened but they cant give you anything to make it better, devastated and low, I have a severe cold virus 2 weeks before the marathon that puts me to bed for a week and no antibiotics will help me recover –I wait eating as much fruit and steam inhalers as I can- I have 3 days off work –have not been sick from work since my Ectopic 12 years ago ! I find out I’m expecting again but cautious about the 9 months that lay ahead, I am on the start line of the 2016 London Marathon all nervous unsure if I will make the finish line, I am extremely lucky that I have 2 children now aged 13 and 9, and I managed to kiss them both at mile 22, I have crossed the finish line with my finger in the air, my husband ran too and he waits for me at the baggage collection point hugs and tears start rolling , all I can say that both journeys are an emotional roller coaster with highs and lows and if that money helps reduced the pain and heartache for one family then its all worth the sweat.”

Jane's marathon

Thank you so much Jane and all our gold bond  and own place runners if you feel inspired do get in touch and we can give you details for next years marathon or if you want to sponsor any of this years runners that would be amazing.

Our grateful thanks goes to Sally LaflinJane Lewis, Michele Turnour, Cheryl Chaney, Isaac Bennett, Andrea Banner, Chris Barnes, Rob and Larissa O’Halloran and Susan Heaney