Jason Simpson’s Epic 10k, Half and Full Marathon Month

We are so thankful to Jason for undertaking this challenge.  Jason and his wife Sam have been through a frightening time enduring the sadness of an ectopic pregnancy.  Jason decided to push his limits by running a 10k, a half and full marathon in a month.  He was keen to raise awareness and funds for us.  We are so grateful to his heart wrenching and powerful account of their recent trauma, it is always helpful to hear from a man’s perspective.

Jason’s Story:

We have been trying for a baby for so long, it happened and then it all suddenly came crashing down.

On the 31st of August 2018 my wife found out she was pregnant. So happy and overjoyed. Just two weeks later on the 10th of Sept she had to be rushed into hospital with extremely bad pains in her stomach not knowing what it was, panic mode set in. Staying overnight on the Monday as it was late and not much they could do. The Tuesday came and we were told a scan would tell us the problem. That scan had to be abandoned as it was too sore for Sam. Yet another day and night of not knowing what is actually wrong although being told it could be lots of different things. The Wednesday, the scan was going ahead, again. The pain was not as bad and the scan was carried out. A few moments later we got given the dreaded news that the baby was growing inside the tube and the tube so really swollen, ready to erupt.

A few forms quickly signed and off they went, taking my wife in to surgery completely heartbroken and me left wondering if everything will be OK, if she would be OK. Fast-forward a few hours and Sam’s back in the room. Sore, groggy and upset, but she was back. The 12th of September, the day we were both left heartbroken.

I enjoy going out runs and had previously participated in a few half marathons and 10k’s.

Having never before run for charity after finding the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, seeing and feeling the effect this has on people, I decided to raise some money for this charity and share our experience. All runs are now complete.  I always feel great after them but knowing that I can help this charity who provides support is even better.

22/9/2018 – Hamilton 10k. Completed in 55 min 43 sec.
30/9/2018 – Great Scottish Run, Glasgow half marathon. Completed in 2 hours 21 mins.
20/10/2018 – Dramathon, full marathon. Completed in 6 hours 18 mins.

Thank you to Jason for being brilliant in raising awareness and funds.  If you feel inspired do take a look at our fundraising page for ideas and inspiration.