Laura Johnson Completes the York 10k

We are so chuffed that Laura smashed the York 10k in 1 hour, 3 minutes and 23 seconds.  Brilliant for her first run with no stops and 20+ degrees.  We are proud and grateful to Laura for raising awareness and funds.

Laura’s Story

In December 2017 I was informed I had an Ectopic pregnancy. I was given a drug to help “dissolve” the pregnancy. Unfortunately this failed to work, the tube had started to rupture, and I ended up with emergency surgery to remove the tube containing the pregnancy.

When the ectopic was diagnosed, The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust provided the main reference for further information. Ectopic pregnancy is an area where much more research is needed. I’d like to help with a small contribution and also raise awareness of the “condition”.

I’ve always enjoyed exercise but I’ve NEVER been a runner! The 10k is something I’ve loved the idea of, but never thought I had the ability.

If you feel inspired to tackle a challenge at the same time as raising funds and awareness please do take a look at our fundraising section.