Lisa Completed an Amazing Challenge Running 10 x 10k in 10 Weeks

Lisa did this fantastic challenge over the summer and we are so grateful to her for her perseverance and passion. She got herself motivated every week to run a 10k to raise awareness, in Lisa’s word “knowledge is key” and raised a phenomenal amount of money. Below is a list of her 10k runs and in Lisa’s words why she took on the challenge, a very insightful reason as to the worrying time women experience during early pregnancy. Also a lovely look into what went into each race and the sheer commitment it took.

– 27th July – Run Richmond Park Race – 58:38

– 3rd Aug – Run through Victoria Park – 56:07

-10th Aug – Run Battersea Park -54:55

-18th of Aug – Regents Park Summer 10k – 53.31

– 24th Aug – Uni of Limerick 10k – 56.21

– 31st of Aug – Run through Hyde Park – 55.56

– 8th of Sep – Wandsworth Park Run – 50.18

– 14th of Sep – Runfest Kew Gardens – 53.01

– 21st of Sep -Olympic Park 10k – 56.19

– 28th of Sep – Windsor Women’s 10k – 53.29

Lisa’s Story:

The first time I heard about an ectopic pregnancy was in 2001 when Sophie, Countess of Wessex had suffered this loss and it made the news. In my twenties then, I doubt I even googled it and passed it by. It wasn’t until in my thirties and trying for a baby myself that I googled everything about miscarriages and everything that could go wrong and lived in fear of that until those key 12 weeks had passed. It’s the scariest of times but I found the first 12 to be especially lonely as there is this taboo about daring to tell anyone until you have that first scan, especially with Irish families.  I’ve learned over the years that this is probably the most important time to speak with someone close to you and know you are not alone. When I learned about the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and the amazing work they do in supporting not only women but their families I always knew I would do something, anything to support them. I’ve learned so much about this charity and some of the smallest things that they do can mean the world to people, especially women.

I’m not sure exactly how I came to the idea of 10 x 10ks in 10 weeks but it just seemed to be the most manageable. I was actually worried that people would dismiss it, as it wasn’t as epic as a marathon or doing a triathlon. Then as I was booking in all of the races I realised how much of a commitment I was making and had hoped people would see that too. Every Saturday or sometimes a Sunday, no matter what the weather I was up and out the door well before 7. Silly me thinking I would have decent weather in July, August and September. A lot of wet underwear because of the rain and a few calls of nature in the bushes did not defeat me, thankfully. I found the races tough at first but then as the money continued to rise I was just overwhelmed with it all and the races went by in a blur.

A common question throughout the fundraising weeks was why I set my target so low? For me the biggest achievement was education.  When people asked about Ectopic Pregnancy, I got to tell them all the great work this small charity does and what an ectopic pregnancy actually is. Knowledge is key and I really do hope this isn’t the case but  someone near and dear to them may suffer this trauma in their lifetime and hopefully they will remember that this charity exists and will be there to support them.

Lisa’s First 10k in a very rainy and windy Richmond Park
In Contrast the 2nd 10k was a hot one in Victoria Park!
Soaked in her 4th 10K
Half way and some well needed support
10 x 10k in 10 weeks DONE

We are extremely thankful to Lisa and if she has inspired you to set yourself a challenge to raise funds and awareness please do get in touch with our fundraising coordinator