Maggie Keeley’s EPTea Party

We are so grateful to Maggie who has just organised and put on a fantastic EPTea Party. As well as a great spread of sandwiches and cakes they even created some EPT style m&m’s. They raised amazing awareness and funds raising £260 which is just brilliant.

Maggie’s Story:

My Daughter had an Ectopic Pregnancy last year and the EPT helped her and her husband at this difficult time .

We wanted to help the trust by raising some money and making people more aware about Ectopic Pregnancies. We held the EPTea Party in the local church hall and it was very successful

Raising awareness at Maggie's EPTea Party
EPT styled M&Ms
Plenty to eat at Maggie's EPTea Party!

If you feel inspired to host an EPTea Party take a look at our website and request an EPTea Pack