Our new posters raise awareness of the symptoms and emotional impact of ectopic pregnancy

Our new posters are being distributed to hospitals across the UK. They raise awareness of ectopic pregnancy and are displayed in Early Pregnancy Units to reach women when they need us.

Our Symptoms poster informs the general public of the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy with the aim of ensuring that women who are experiencing them seek the medical care that they need as soon as possible. The Emotions poster reassures women that their feelings are common, that they are not alone and there is support available.

Both posters include our contact details and website address. Our website is accessible on mobile phones and tablets which means that anyone seeing the posters in hospital can access our resources and contact us straight-away.

To request free posters for your hospital, please email us at leaflets@ectopic.org.uk.

Download the posters

If you are from a hospital or GP surgery or clinic, please feel free to use them to display on patient information screens.

Download the Symptoms Poster

Download the Emotions Poster