Ryan Palmer Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

Update – Ryan has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro!

Thank you so much Ryan you are beyond amazing. It sounds a gruelling expedition, we are so proud of you. Hot off the press and while Ryan is enjoying a well deserved beer in Tanzania here in his words you can read all about the highs and lows and what kept him going to get to the top.

“So 15 months of planning and fundraising and my Kilimanjaro climb has finally happened. It was, without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever attempted. The first 3 days were beautiful and although tough the lack of oxygen was manageable and tent not to cold. However, the summit night was entirely different.

Setting off at midnight from 4600m above sea level it was already a struggle to tie my laces let alone climb a further 1295m with a 10kg backpack in temperatures of -12c. 

The next 8 hours were an exercise in mental strength. Every effort was needed to put one foot in front of the other and at times it felt impossible to keep moving. 

Around 3 in the morning the dizziness and hallucinations kicked in and at one point I was adamant Elvis had been sketched in the cliff (clearly he hadn’t).

Over the next 3 hours I genuinely felt the summit was beyond me and as the temperatures continued to drop, the oxygen levels followed and just sitting to ‘rest’ felt like a huge effort. Eventually the sun began to rise and the whole effort became worthwhile. The scene was spectacular and I wish I was in some sort of state where I could have taken a photo to share.

As the sun came up we eventually made Stella point meaning a ‘short’ 500m / 1hour walk to the Uhuru Peak and the top of Africa. 

Whilst the climb was tough, way tougher than I ever expected, there were a handful of thoughts the kept me going. My wife and daughter sat firmly at the front of my thoughts alongside the need to complete in order to do justice to the work of the EPT. 

So on Thursday 26th September at 8am (6am UK time) I did it!! 

Now time for a number of cold beers! 

Thank you for everyone that supported both me and the EPT through this journey.

Ryan and our t shirt made it to the top!

We are in total awe of Ryan who has chosen to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to support and raise awareness for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. This is a seriously impressive and life changing challenge. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa majestically standing at about 5,895 metres. It is actually the tallest free standing mountain in the world.

Please read Ryan and Georgina’s emotional story below and why he chose to do this climb.

Ryan and Georginas’ Story:

Before November 6th 2017 Georgina and I had very little awareness of what the term ‘Ectopic Pregnancy’ actually meant.

Fast forward 24 hours and we had found out the hard way. Georgina, in the early stages of pregnancy with our second child went to the doctors after complaining of stomach pain. Cue a dash to the hospital where we were told that she had suffered an Ectopic pregnancy. The Pregnancy had ruptured and as a consequence Georgina had been bleeding internally for 3 days.

The period after the operation was a very emotional and lonely place and it was here that the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust were brought to our attention. The EPT provided the support needed for both of us to deal with the trauma and loss not only in the period following the Ectopic Pregnancy but also in the following months were we suffered a further miscarriage.

The more we learnt about the EPT the more I wanted to help ensure that the EPT could support as many people as possible. Having previously competed in both the London Marathon and Triathlon alongside getting in a boxing ring for Charity I wanted to undertake a challenge really took me outside of my comfort zone. Having harboured the ambition to climb Kilimanjaro for some years this seemed like the perfect challenge to help raise profile and money for the EPT. A challenge where, despite all the best possible preparation it will ultimately be down to how my body reacts at altitude that will determine my success.

So having never donned a pair of walking boots or even stepped foot on a mountain before I will be heading to the top of Kilimanjaro in September 2019. To ensure I am as prepared as possible I have spent the winter analysing my body (seen in the photo) and building the strength required to carry myself and a 20kg bag to an altitude of 5895metres in just 4.5 days. Now 6 months away from the climb I am entering the second stage of training, plenty of hill walks and lots of running to prepare the lungs before entering altitude chambers over the summer to give my body the best possible chance of adapting quickly when I get to the mountain.
Already, this challenge has brought about discussion and raised awareness of both Ectopic Pregnancy and the EPT amongst my friends and family and hopefully this will continue beyond the summit of Kilimanjaro.

Advance training in full swing

We are so grateful to Ryan for all his incredible and intensive advanced training. If you feel you would like to support Ryan please take a look at his Just Giving Page. We will update you with his progress in training and of course his actual climb.


On Saturday May 25th Ryan hosted a great golf day. 32 golfers took part in the day and this was supported afterwards with the families of some of the golfers. The sun was shining, the golf shone in parts! and the day was a great success. The final total raised looks like topping £800.

Raising funds and awareness

Over the next four weeks there is a ladies evening and a football tournament taking place ….. 4 months to go to the big climb!