The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust’s Response to the National Maternity Review

On Tuesday, the NHS England commissioned review on maternity care was published. The review, led by independent experts and chaired by Baroness Julia Cumberlege, sets out proposals designed to make care safer and give women greater control and more choices.

The review largely covers care for women during the later stages of pregnancy and birth. Regretfully, it does not expressly tackle early pregnancy complications or loss. However, there are aspects of the review which can help support women during challenging times at any stage in their pregnancy.

The review places the woman and her family at the centre of her care, based on their needs and decisions, where they have genuine choice, informed by unbiased information. The review recognises the need for improved mental health provision and the importance of sensitive bereavement care. These are positive steps which, we hope, will help women including those who have suffered loss at any stage of their pregnancy.

Although focus on early stages of pregnancy is lacking in this review, The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust continues to strive to increase the profile and agenda of early pregnancy complications on all fronts. We will continue to campaign for improvements in early pregnancy care and increased recognition of the emotional impact of early pregnancy complications like ectopic pregnancy.