The EPT welcomes Charlotte Crosby as new patron

Television personality and fitness guru Charlotte Crosby has agreed to become a patron of The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. The Geordie Shore star and Celebrity Big Brother winner, who suffered an ectopic pregnancy earlier this year, is incredibly keen to raise awareness of the condition and its symptoms, particularly among women.

Charlotte suffered an ectopic pregnancy in April. She went to hospital suffering crippling pains and was told one of her Fallopian tubes had ruptured, requiring emergency surgery. Doctors said she was lucky to have survived.

EPT chairman, Alex Peace-Gadsby, said: “We are delighted to welcome Charlotte as a patron of the Trust. Charlotte’s courage in speaking about her experience has achieved so much in raising awareness about ectopic pregnancy. Thousands of people now have a better understanding of ectopic pregnancy because of Charlotte’s bravery. She helps to make people aware of the symptoms so they can recognise if there is a problem and can then seek the help that they need. We look forward to working with her to continue to increase awareness”.