The Iconic GNR 2019 Some of our Runners Stories

What an electric, emotional and amazing day for our runners this year. The sun shone brightly for the biggest half marathon they joined 57,000 other runners and were greatly spurred on with the incredible public support. Kerri, one of our volunteers has passionately supported our team this year through the emotional ups and downs, injuries, illness and an engagement! We are so very proud of all our runners for their dedication and support in raising funds and awareness.

Mary and Ben’s GNR:

I decided to run the Great North Run for our little one who got lost along the way and was ectopic at 8 weeks. After the wonderful support I received following treatment, I decided to pop my trainers back on and raise awareness for such an amazing charity, along with my fiancé Ben. The atmosphere on the day is absolutely fantastic, the crowds really do get you all the way round the course and I would encourage anyone to give it a go as there is nothing better than running to the seaside!

All smiles and proudly showing their medals

Jessica’s GNR:

I decided to do the run to challenge myself and felt that running for
The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust would give me the focus that I needed. I
had an ectopic pregnancy in December 2013 and understand first hand
the emotional and physical toll that it takes on you. I am not
normally an overly emotional person but I spent most of the race,
right from being on the start line in tears. The actual run was
extremely hard, having been poorly just before, but my main focus was
to get to the end – time was not a factor. The support along the way
really restored my faith in humanity with all sorts of people giving
up their day to line the route and spur you on, the jelly babies and
ice lollies were also a welcome sight!!! Last night I was saying never
again but this morning my thought process has changed.

Courtesy of “Hexham Couriant”

Rosie’s GNR:

I Started training with the GNR goal in sight. But life gets in the way and that training plan goes out the window! I live on flat land next to the sea where it mostly rains, and the GNR was full of inclines and full blown sunshine so it ended up being one tough run. But the atmosphere was giddy with anticipation and excitement and you can’t stop yourself from absorbing it all. We crossed the line with a mixture of exhaustion and gratitude. we had finished. We did it! And we have raised ¬£700 and going for doing it. I have a 2mile swim in loch Tay still to go though so no rest of the wicked. But I want to say thank you to you and your charity. The charity that kept my sister going when times got tough. I can’t begin to understand what she went through but I will be forever in debt for her mother in law for knowing the signs and symptoms and getting her to hospital asap. My running this half marathon, I have used it to help raise awareness for your charity but most importantly the signs and symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy as well.

Rosie and Craig ready to go!
Well Deserved Medals!

Lorna’s GNR:

What an amazing experience, loved every second so much so I’ve signed up for the next 3 years.

Fantastic finish for Lorna

If you feel inspired by our fantastic GNR team and are keen to take part next year please do email for the chance of a ballot place.