How you let your voice be heard and helped shape the future of care

Thanks for completing our questionnaire and letting your voice be heard.

The importance of the patient voice is increasingly recognised by the bodies who define guidelines in early pregnancy medicine, work with the RCOG and the Department of Health to define services. As a consequence the EPT is now well represented on a variety of boards and actively participates in shaping guidelines and other services.

One such group is the ‘Early Pregnancy Clinical Studies Group’ which has been formed by the RCOG to coordinate and prioritise research in early pregnancy medicine. We were asked to give a presentation at a meeting in October 2010, feeding back commonly asked questions from our user groups which could be translated into research projects. This was a really important and exciting opportunity for us to have the many voices or our users heard and feed into the research studies which will be determined as a result of the feedback.

More than 70 users participated in the survey.

Here is the presentation that accompanied the information