Ectopic Pregnancy Awareness Day: Experiences of how ectopic pregnancy impacts relationships, inside and outside of the home

01 Aug 2022 | By Kerri

Ectopic pregnancy impacts not only the woman or pregnant person, but their partner (if they have one), family and friends as well as their wider community. From the workplace having vital information to offer support when returning to work, to the healthcare professionals that work tirelessly to care for those affected by the condition, the circle of people navigating ectopic pregnancy effects can be wide.

Some supporters of The EPT have shared their own experiences of ectopic pregnancy. The collection of stories and quotes here come from family members, friends, colleagues, and healthcare professionals working in early pregnancy care. Thank you ever so much to everyone who has contributed so openly to increase awareness of the range of ectopic pregnancy experiences.


  • Joe and Tiffany were overjoyed when they found out they were pregnant in October 2021, but unfortunately Tiffany was soon rushed to hospital and the couple were given the devastating news that the pregnancy was ectopic. Joe shares his story.
  • When Amit’s wife, Munira experienced an ectopic pregnancy, he found that they both processed what had happened quite differently at first. Amit shares his story.
  • Please be aware that the following experience of an ectopic pregnancy is extremely sensitive. If you do decide to read on, please be aware that our support services are available should you need them. Mark’s fiancée, Jesse, sadly lost her life to an ectopic pregnancy and he has bravely shared his ongoing journey through grief. Mark shares his story.
  • Chris composed a poem to express himself after he and his wife experienced an ectopic pregnancy. Read Chris’ poem.

We are passionate that anyone affected by ectopic pregnancy should receive the same excellent level of care and support throughout diagnosis, treatment, and beyond. To help us achieve this, we are proud to work with the organisation LGBT Mummies to support LGBT+ women and people on their journey to parenthood.

There are multiple aspects to partners’ experiences after an ectopic pregnancy; they are often the ones supporting a loved one after loss and, at the same time, have their own feelings to process and support themselves. We are here to lean on to help partners be there for their loved ones, while also providing a space for their own emotional recovery and personal journeys after their loss. Visit our dedicated Partners page.

Family members, friends, and community

  • James, an early pregnancy heath care professional, reflects on how his own experience of ectopic pregnancy has played a part in shaping his professional approach. Read James’ story.
  • Katharine is an Early Pregnancy Specialist Nurse. She cherishes her role even though it often means sadly having to break bad news to those who desperately do not want to hear it. Read Katharine’s story.
  • Louise penned a letter of thanks to the nurses who cared for her after her ectopic pregnancy during the pandemic and to those who were with her while admitted. Read Louise’s letter.
  • EPT team member, Jill, penned a letter to her sister recalling how she felt supporting her through an ectopic pregnancy. Years later, Jill then experienced an ectopic pregnancy of her own. Read Jill and Helen’s letters to one another.

Work colleagues

For employers, it is important to be understanding towards individuals suffering physical or emotional difficulties as a result of an ectopic pregnancy. For some, there may be mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress. Going back to work after an ectopic pregnancy can be daunting and individuals may feel unsure how they will cope. If you are a employer and would like more information about supporting your employee or are an employee that would like more information about returning to work, we have a dedicated section on our website.

Rowan generously spoke to us about her experiences of returning to work after ectopic pregnancy loss treated with methotrexate to raise awareness for Baby Loss Awareness Week before the pandemic. Read Rowan’s story.


We often hear from family, friends, and colleagues of people who are going through or recovering from their experience of an ectopic pregnancy. Many want to know how best they can support their loved ones.

Our support services are here to lean on to help anyone affected by ectopic pregnancy – including family members, friends, colleagues, and healthcare professionals.

If you would like to share your experience of ectopic pregnancy, please email

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