Lucy is nurturing 1,000 plants to support the EPT

We are delighted by how Lucy has chosen gardening to give her a focus in her healing process. Please take a look at her inspirational passion which she is using to raise funds and awareness for those experiencing ectopic pregnancy.

Victoria and Cai and their Great North Run

Please support and follow Victoria and Cai who are preparing to take part in this years Great North Run on 12th September. We are incredibly grateful to them for sharing their traumatic experience of their ectopic pregnancy and the little things they have being doing to start to try and come to terms with their loss and the real threat of being in a place where Victoria was incredibly close to loosing her own life.

Rebecca Runs 5k Every Day in February

We are so grateful to Rebecca for challenging herself to run 5k a day in February and very bravely and openly sharing their story in their local newspaper, thank you so much.

Ellie Runs a Mile a Day through February

We are so thankful to Ellie for challenging herself to run a mile a day during February and sharing her heartfelt story and supporting us by raising funds and raising awareness around ectopic pregnancy.