Mycoplasma genitalium and ectopic pregnancy

Mycoplasma genitalium STI study not refer to ectopic pregnancy and previous research papers found no correlation between MG antibodies and ectopic pregnancy. If someone has an ectopic pregnancy having previously had an STI, does not mean that STI was definitely cause of ectopic pregnancy

EPT Patron Michelle Gayle on Pointless

Michelle Gayle

Singer and Actress Michelle Gayle has championed raising awareness of ectopic pregnancy and been involved with the EPT for many years. We are delighted that she will be appearing on Pointless Celebrities to raise funds and awareness for the charity.

The Day Family Strive to Raise Awareness

The Day family

Tanya has tirelessly fund-raised and raised awareness with her family for the condition of ectopics. Here she tells us her heartfelt story and there is a happy ending for the Day family.