What will your EPT1000 Challenge be to raise funds and awareness for the EPT? You decide!

Having a goal and getting fit really helped me with my road to recovery from the despair I felt and feel from having my ectopic
— Becca, London

This challenge really was key in my healing and was the catalyst for so many good things happening. You may only be seen as a “small charity” to some but you truly more than make up for it by having the biggest heart – Kerri, Ireland

The EPT1000 Challenge — Your Goal, Your Way

At the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, we thought we would set up EPT1000 Challenge that will stretch and inspire you for a whole 12 months. It is low cost, you are in control and by the end you will have achieved something truly amazing.

The challenge is either to run, walk, cycle or a mixture of all covering a distance of either 1000 miles or a 1000 km within the space of 12 months. You can track your activities manually or import from an exercising app such as MapMyRun, Strava, Garmin, fitbit etc Then gain support and increase awareness by telling everyone what you are doing and why and let them know where to find your online fundraising site.

Covid-19 (coronavirus): Fundraisers must follow Government guidance

Virgin London Marathon official coach, Martin Yelling, shares top tips on how to run in the current climate concerning the coronavirus outbreak.

Choosing the right challenge

Set yourself a challenge that suits you and you think will be achievable. How long realistically will it take you? Do you want to just run or run and cycle and walk or a complete mix of activities?

  • Complete the challenge over a 12 month period;
  • Choose 1000 km or 1000 miles (you could start with km and move to miles!);
  • Run, Walk, Cycle, Swim, Kayak;
  • On your own or with a friend or as a team.

Promote, widen support & raise awareness for the EPT and EPT1000 Challenge

Do let local media, friends, family, work colleagues etc., know what you’re doing and give them a copy of your EPT handout as this will raise awareness. Friends and family will be there to support you and you never know some may join you for the whole challenge or for stages.

Use our social media image and poster provided to let others know about your fundraising EPT1000 challenge.  Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are an effective way to reach people quickly and easily.  Please do also let us know your Twitter and Instagram handles so we can share and celebrate your progress on our platforms. Use the hashtag #EPT1000. 

and tell short stories:

“I knew I was a runner/cyclist/walker when …”

“I love this route … because …”

We can help you with your press release to promote and highlight your challenge to your local media – newspapers and radio. Include anything original or quirky to help your story stand out. After your challenge, send them a follow up release thanking everyone involved. Include photos of the journey you have experienced through the challenge from start to finish and a paragraph on the specific ‘positive impact’ the funds raised will deliver. If you do manage to get your local press interested in your event, it would be fantastic if you could scan the article and send it to us.

Sweat and tears

You will undoubtedly be pushing yourself with this challenge and there will be sweat and tears at points but also exhilaration and pride. There are plenty of ways to raise extra sponsorship during your EPT1000 challenge. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Keep your EPT1000 Virgin Money Giving or Just giving sites updated, create a blog, upload progress pictures and share online using #EPT1000;
  • Create a sweepstake – how many miles can I do this month?
  • Set up a collection box at home (have EPT handouts available);
  • Set yourself mini targets and celebrate when you reach these.

Don’t forget to ask each guest to complete a Gift Aid form, as this can add an extra 25% to the original donation.

Challenge accomplished!

Don’t forget to thank everyone involved – from those who provided moral support and cheered you on to those who helped you promote it. Let them know when you complete the challenge and how much they helped you raise. Please also do tell us at the EPT when you finish your EPT1000 (we will be in touch throughout your challenge) we’d love to see your photos and send you a finishers award.

Finally, please don’t forget to pay in the money you have raised using the money return form.

Request your free EPT1000 fundraising pack

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EPT1000 Downloads

Guide to the Challenge

Poster to publicise EPT1000

Poster for you to advertise your own challenge

Running Guide

ept1000-Distance-Progress-Tracker-2021 (2021 Excel spreadsheet)

Spread awareness and tweet about it: #EPT1000

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