Andrew Jarocki Shares his Marathon Day Memories

Andrew was a fantastic runner in our VLM17 team and despite getting injured at 16 miles still pushed on to finish in an impressive 04:22:46.  Here are Andrew’s lovely memories of the day and we thank Andrew and his family for keeping him motivated and all their support.  We are also grateful that we were able to help his wife Laura who Andrew kindly says with the support of the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust she is now in a much more positive place.

Andrew’s Story

Arriving at the expo on the Saturday you start to feel the buzz for the event. All runners picking up there numbers ready for Sunday. Meeting up with family and friends who have come down to support you for the day for a lovely dinner gives me even more motivation for the day. That night got a great nights sleep even though people told me I’d struggle to sleep.

Up nice an early Sunday getting ready, feeling excited. So many runners making their way to Greenwich park for the start. All chatting to one another. Arriving at Greenwich park seeing the mass of runners gathering for the start it’s getting real. Waiting for that 10am start seems a life time. When it finally starts your trying to work your way though the masses to get in your running stride. Then as soon as you cross that start line the crowds are already cheering you on calling your name, young kids wanting hi fives. Taking every mile in as it comes including seeing all sites and the amazing entertainment making it an experience I’ll never forget. Running over tower bridge was my biggest highlight. Half way point saw family which gave me more motivation to keep pushing. Then at mile 16 got injured but was not going to let this stop me from finishing. I pushed on and finished in 4 hours 22 minutes. Great time for first time. Then get awarded this amazing medal at end. All worth it for the amazing charity the Ectopic Prenancy Trust.

If you feel inspired and would like to donate to our marathon runners please see Andrew and his fellow runners fundraising pages.  Thank you so much for your support.

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