Celebrating our VLM19 Marathon Runners – Joe Greenwood

Joe has just run his first marathon joining our  VLM19 team. Joe ran the marathon for his wife, Nikki and the baby they lost.  Here he shares his marathon journey and how he was searching for closure and his struggle to cope with what his wife went through. So from couch to marathon Joe really did get out there completely smashing his target and completed the marathon with a sprint finish in 05:13:07.

Joe’s Story:

I ran the marathon primarily to support the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust as my wife had an ectopic pregnancy in December 2017, which was heartbreaking. I found it particularly difficult to get through the mental anguish afterwards, so I wanted something to act as closure and to make my wife proud of me. Thankfully all that has been achieved and we are also expecting our first child in August which made it all the sweeter to cross that finishing line.

My experience of the day was one of nerves in the morning, but then once I got to Greenwich I felt good. I had my name printed on my running vest, I chose a nickname to stand out, mine was Joe Farah. The crowd really did keep me going by shouting out my name.

I found the first 14 miles a breeze, and I’ve never thought that on my long training runs. But I hit issues around mile 15 so then resorted to walking a short distance before running again, then rinsed and repeated that until the end! 

As it was my first marathon I set myself the target just to finish it, if I’d have set a time I’d have been most likely disappointed, so I was just delighted to complete it. As my target was just to finish, it meant when I was walking I could take time to speak to the crowd and really enjoy the day too. If I’d set a target time I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. 

The only other goal I had was to have a sprint finish, so when I passed the 200m to go mark I absolutely legged it to the finishing line and it felt superb. 

Joe proudly showing off his well deserved medal

Emotional hug of support at 18 miles

Some of our amazing VLM19 team who met up beforehand

We are so grateful to all Joe’s hard work training and raising funds and awareness for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.  If you feel inspired and would like to donate to our marathon runners please see Joe and his fellow runners fundraising pages.  Or please get in touch if you would like to be part of our team next year.

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