Ashleigh, Danielle and Danny take a leap into the skies!

Ashleigh, Danielle and Danny have fund raised and raised awareness for us with such enthusiasm and energy we really are extremely grateful to them all for bravely taking to the skies and jumping out of a plane!

Ashleigh said that from the moment they got there they were all very nervous and even more so when they got a call on the tannoy to get ready, that was when it really hit home that they were about to jump out of a plane! Just to add to their tension they had to circle at 6,000ft as the air traffic control at Gatwick said they couldn’t go up high yet. Ashleigh was the first one out and even though she had done a skydive before she said that it was still as nerve wracking the second time round. However she said that it really was an amazing experience once the parachute opened and once landed back on safe ground she said they all felt amazing! They all said that in their words they “have done it for an amazing charity and raised so much money!”

Thank you so much to you all for raising an amazing £1,681.44

Ash, Danielle and Danny, awarenessAshleigh, Danielle and Danny ready to goDanielle in the skies