Kristopher King and his Great North Run

Kris has recently run the GNR in an amazing 2 hours and 2 minutes despite a very hot and humid day, Kris has tirelessly fundraised and been amazing raising over £1200 which is incredible, thank you so much.  Here in Kris’s words is Jennifer and his heart wrenching experience.

“One year ago we had spent the summer in the mist of our first round of IVF. Endless weeks of injections, scans, egg retrieval and blood tests had resulted in one viable embryo to transfer. At the time we thought the worst possible outcome – we would get a negative pregnancy test at the end of it.  We were wrong.

The initial pregnancy test came up with a low HCG level and the nurse told us calmly over the phone that we were ‘pregnant’, but it would not be a viable pregnancy and we would miscarry in the next few weeks. Close monitoring, the fertility clinic showed that the pregnancy hormone level was increasing, but it was still to low to be a viable pregnancy. Four weeks of almost daily scans and blood tests, four weeks of living in limbo, trying to maintain a sense of normality. Finally, Jennifer was in a lot of pain and a scan showed a ‘mass’ in her right Fallopian tube. We went straight to hospital and Jennifer was operated on that day. The consultant told us the tube would have ruptured within 24 hours if they had not operated. The seriousness of the situation hit home, but all we remember feeling is needing to get better as soon as possible to move into round two of IVF.

Throughout the whole process we thought of us as the lucky ones, the ones who never really thought they were pregnant so we didn’t have anything to ‘lose’. We can’t begin to imagine the unbearable pain of a couple who had received a positive result only to find out it was an ectopic pregnancy.

This charity supply information and support to couples who need it in very difficult times. We’re not sure how we’d have coped without the information provided on their website, being available to us at times when we needed answers or just to feel less alone.”