Sarah Jackson hosts a fantastic EPTea Party

Sarah and her friend and fellow Ectopic Pregnancy suffer, Sarah-Louise have just hosted a fantastic EPTea party, baking up some delicious treats and some really stunning tulip cookies using our cookie cutters.

They had some cakes left over so to further spread the awareness decided to offer cakes with coffee after church the following day asking for donations.  They rasised a great total of £114.95 thank you so much to both of you.

Sarah had also invited a lady to their tea party who could not make it but had also suffered an ectopic so was able to discuss her experience and is now keen to donate the commission from an upcoming nail party. This is really what it is all about spreading awareness about ectiopics and enabling women and families to connect and have the chance to share their experiences.

Take a look as to how to host your own EPTea Party.

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