The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust recognised at the BMA Patient Information Awards

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust is honoured to announce that its Patient Information Suite has been Highly Commended at the BMA Patient Information Awards 2019 and shortlisted for the overall BMA Patient Information Award 2019.

The BMA Patient Information Awards were established in 1997 to demonstrate the BMA’s commitment to supporting the excellent educational practice of patients, allowing them to understand their relationship with doctors, the health conditions they are living with, and the treatment they are receiving. The resource reviewer commented:

“An excellent, well-planned and researched pack which offers a wealth of information, support and hope to sufferers of ectopic pregnancy. One of the great assets of this pack is that it has been developed by people who are expert in the area and who have specialist interest, knowledge and have previously been involved in high-level advisory roles. It is clearly and thoughtfully presented so that the reader can access levels of information with greater depth and summary information for an overview approach.”

The EPT’s Patient Information Suite consists of posters, patient information packs and leaflets that provide information on physical and emotional aspects of an ectopic pregnancy. The information helps to provide personalised care and assistance with decision-making, at an overwhelming time.

Munira Oza, Director for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, said:

“We are delighted to have received such a prestigious commendation from the BMA. From anecdotes that we frequently receive from patients and hospitals, we know it is a much needed, valued and respected resource.

“Our website is listed as a resource on the NHS Choices website as health information that can be trusted. It is based on the latest evidence, up-to-date, and is reviewed by healthcare professionals as well as women affected by ectopic pregnancy to ensure it meets their needs.”

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BMA Patient Information Awards 2019 Highly Commended