Ectopic Pregnancy Awareness Day: Experiences of locations and treatment of ectopic pregnancy

01 Aug 2022 | By Kerri

Experiences of various locations of an ectopic pregnancy

Some supporters of The EPT have shared their experiences of ectopic pregnancy in different locations. You can read more experiences in the Personal Stories section of our website. Thank you ever so much to everyone who has contributed so openly to increase awareness of the range of ectopic pregnancy experiences.


Becca, founder of A Mother Place, an antenatal and postnatal teacher, and author of ‘Nobody Tells You’, shares her own experience of a tubal ectopic pregnancy.

  • Emma experienced an ovarian ectopic pregnancy in 2019 that was treated with surgery. Read Emma’s experience.
  • Despite getting a positive pregnancy test, Calli knew that something was not right due to the symptoms she was experiencing so sought medical attention and was later diagnosed with an abdominal ectopic pregnancy. Read Calli’s experience.
  • April was excited to expand her family, but soon learned that the pregnancy was not viable and was diagnosed with an interstitial ectopic pregnancy. Read April’s experience.
  • After experiencing an intramural ectopic pregnancy, Jordanne is passionate that all types of ectopic pregnancy are highlighted so no one else finds themselves confused by their diagnosis. Read Jordanne’s experience.
  • Heterotopic pregnancy is a rare type of ectopic pregnancy. It is where there is the co-existence of an intrauterine pregnancy with an ectopic pregnancy elsewhere. Ali shares her experience to raise awareness and give comfort to others. Read Ali’s experience.
  • Katie shares her experience of a tubal ectopic pregnancy, which resulted in surgery and the loss of one of her Fallopian tubes. Read Katie’s experience.
  • Helen was devastated to learn that she was experiencing a tubal ectopic pregnancy. After being treated with methotrexate and surgery, Helen and husband James decided to try again through IVF but were dealt with the blow that they had a second tubal ectopic pregnancy. Read Helen’s experience.
  • Kat is an early pregnancy specialist nurse and shares her experience of caring for people who have Caesarean section scar ectopic pregnancies. Read Kat’s experience.
  • Christabelle shares her experience of a heterotopic pregnancy and bravely shares how losing both babies has impacted her. Read Christabelle’s experience.

Read about ectopic pregnancy locations here. 

Experiences of various types of treatment for an ectopic pregnancy

If you have been diagnosed as having an ectopic pregnancy and are stable, with pulse and blood pressure within normal limits, and there is no heavy bleeding or severe pain, and if there are no signs of dizziness or fainting, your doctor will be able to discuss various treatment options with you. Unfortunately, a number of people have no early symptoms so present for assessment after a time when there are still options available for treatment.

Each treatment can take a toll physically and mentally. Surgical management can involve a longer physical recovery while expectant and medical management involve close monitoring which can be exhausting and often multiple hospital visits.

We provide our information leaflets to hospitals across the UK free of charge to help explain treatment and recovery and to signpost to our support. Find out more about the various ways to treat an ectopic pregnancy.

Some supporters of The EPT have shared their own experiences of ectopic pregnancy treatment. You can read more treatment experiences in the Personal Stories section of our website. Thank you ever so much to everyone who has contributed so openly to increase awareness of the range of ectopic pregnancy and treatment experiences.

  • When Lily started experiencing stomach cramps she ruled out pregnancy as she had a contraceptive IUD in place. She was shocked to discover that no only was she indeed pregnant, but that the pregnancy was ectopic and required surgery (surgical management). Read Lily’s experience.
  • Rowan talks about her treatment with methotrexate (medical management). Read Rowan’s experience.
  • Whilst going through expectant management for an ectopic pregnancy, Carly took pen to paper to write this powerful poem as a way of expressing her emotions. Read Carly’s poem.
  • Lauren contacted us with her story of going through an ectopic pregnancy through the Covid-19 pandemic. She describes her range of emotions and reactions at length as she undergoes expectant management treatment over weeks and tries to navigate next steps for her future. Read Lauren’s experience.
  • Reflecting on her experience of an interstitial ectopic pregnancy treated with methotrexate (medical management) and surgery, Ella shares her emotions and what helped her through such a traumatic time in the hope that it will help someone else reading know that they are not alone. Read Ella’s experience.
  • When Lucy and Jack decided to try to start a family, they had no idea of the difficulties that they would face along the way. After a first tubal ectopic pregnancy resulting in surgery (surgical management), Lucy experienced another tubal ectopic pregnancy in the remaining “stump”. Read Lucy and Jack’s experience.

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